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Our Mission Statement

I believe the Internet to be the best thing to happen to literature since Gutenberg. Book publishing has almost always meant that the only things that get published are the things that are profitable--in theory, at least. Some books have appeared, only to vanish after a short run, while others stay in bookstores forever and ever, and the quality of the writing has nothing to do with it.

On the Net, however, anyone who can get online and post a file on a web site (their own or someone else's) is automatically published...for good or ill. There's a lot of bad writing out there as a result; but there's also a lot of good and (just as good) interestingly avant-garde writing. And we don't have to pay an agent to grovel before a publisher.

I may not live to see it all the way through, but the Internet is the first step in separating art from the capitalist system, and only good can come of that.

--The Management