I suppose you want an explanation...

The 1990s may turn out to be the Golden Age of anime television series.  So many great ones have come along recently:

and of course Revolutionary Girl Utena.  Now, please don't get the wrong idea; I love the series as much as anyone.  It has a great look of sunny decadence, the characters are unique and the plot has more bizarre turns than I care to name.  It's sure to be regarded as one of the "classics" of the decade.

And yet...

we don't have to take it too seriously.  Who's to say we can't find something a little weird?  A little warped?  Off-center?  Or just plain fun?

And here, to start things off...

In honor of Utena Tenjou's red bicycle pants

Who says there's nothing revolutionary on TV?  Try this...
(but be prepared; it takes a while to load...)

Who wants seconds at the Food Court?  Rock on!
(but it takes a while to...you know)

Not your usual crossover: Shoujo Kakumei...Asuka?

The only way to properly introduce this crossover fanfic is to let it introduce itself: "We've secretly replaced the student council with the Inner Senshi. Let's listen in..." Have fun with Erica Friedman and Stirling Twilight's This Rose Is Our Destiny

Remember Jason and all those "Friday the 13th" slasher movies? Well, I could describe this next fanfic by being obvious: Welcome to Ootori Academy. You're just in time for Final Exams... Or we could be dumb (and use just about the only cliche that isn't in the story): "Run, Utena, run! The calls are coming from INSIDE THE MOUSE!!" Courtesy of Diana Juri Serra and Onyx Storm, it's...ChuChu's Revenge! http:///

This week, on a very special "Shoujo Kakumei Utena", Nanami gets in touch with her feminine side... Click on The Egg and I, a hilarious send-up of those "girls hygiene" filmstrips in Nanami: This Girl's Tragedy

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